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About us

My name is Agnieszka Sławik. I work at high school as a teacher of Russian language.
I have been giving private lessons of English for many years. In 2002 I graduated from Philology at the Opole University I studied two languages, there Russian and English.

For over four years I have been teaching Polish language to students from Ukraine via Skype. In December 2012 I completed a course for teachers of Polish as a foreign language at the school Glossa in Kracow.

Languages are my passion and I that’s why I teach Polish in my company Lingua Polonica Skype. I propose the first lesson for free to every new student!

First lesson for free!

Are you interested in learning Polish as a foreign language?

I’ve got a very interesting proposal for you, because:

  • You can study at home and set your term lessons
  • I propose affordable price because I love teaching Polish language and it’s a big pleasure for me to meet and have opportunity to teach many interesting, different students. Besides I have been teaching Polish via skype for several years and I know how to do it effectively.

Each lesson will be prepared specially for you. The first lesson will be the free lesson to get to know you and your preferences.

A list of books used for editing the lessons.pdf

In very friendly and stress-free atmosphere I will guide you through all levels of language proficiency by using different materials for learning Polish (all positions of books are enclosed).
You will be familiar with the typical behavior of Polish people in different situation and about the culture of my homeland.


How will our cooperation look like?


Price of the lesson negotiable (depending on the amount)

When ordering 3 lessons - each next lesson at a discount! *

* Discount for individual negotiations.


Contact details

  • Lingua Polonica Skype
  • ul. Botaniczna 44
    42-260 Kamienica Polska
  • +48 667 101 486
  • agaslawik
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